Sunday, December 10, 2017

Raiders at Chiefs - Week 14 - Record: 7-6

Yes our defense got reeeally soft to allow the Raiders to score twice sandwiching an on-sides kick recovery in the 4th quarter, making things far too dicey for us today. We still pulled off the win playing three quarters (and yeah, a little bit of the 4th quarter) like we thought this team could play.

Yes there are a dozen crappy things we could say about this team and how it still has a long way to go to show it has enough got-it to make a nice winning playoff run, but we've been too shredded by crappy things for weeks and weeks and weeks now. It's time for some good things. Here they are, kind of in some kind of chronological order:

- Tyreek Hill. He had phenomenal catches, a nice punt return when we needed it, and was just all over the field today. After one catch his tremendous balance allowed him to tiptoe against the sideline, regain his position, and try to get more yards. His athleticism is amazing.

- Travis Kelce. The play just before Kareem Hunt scored for our first touchdown was a brilliant call -- a play action screen pass to Kelce that he almost pounded in. Kelce on the day was fantastic -- makes you wonder why we don't throw the ball to him every other play. BTW, just before that was yet another non-pass-interference call against us -- they just can't cover Kelce and half the time the opposing team needs the ref to bail them out.

- Harrison Butker. Four more field goals today, what a find this guy is (haven't we already said this a dozen times before?) Again, sure enough, every one of those kicks was important. And his regular booming kickoffs keep a team from making any meaningful returns.

- Albert Wilson. He made a number of critical plays, including a spectacular sideline catch deftly keeping his feet in bounds. The Chiefs offense hurried to run the next play so it couldn't be challenged, but they didn't have to worry, replays showed Wilson's catch was legit. Wilson also caught a clutch clutch clutch 3rd-&-5 pass very late in that 4th quarter when the Raiders offense was coming alive -- we simply could not give the ball back to them, and Wilson came through catching the crossing underneath route and shedding a tackle to get that first down.

- Terrance Mitchell. Why in the world did we give up on this guy earlier? I never could figure out why they benched him for Kenneth Acker or even -- ::gasp:: -- Phillip Gaines. I imagine he got the call because Marcus Peters was suspended for this game, but Mitchell came up big today a number of times. A nice bat-away, a tough interception off a batted pass, and a terrific defense of a long last-ditch pass at the goal line that Steve Terrell intercepted to end the game.

- Chris Jones. He has been invisible the past few games, but today he lit it up. He was all over the Oakland backfield making sacks and stops and generally aggravating the Raiders players. Our other pass rushers were decent today too, Jarvis Jenkins had a sack, Justin Houston did, maybe a couple others did, that was great.

- Derrick Johnson. He looked a bit like his youthful self at times today. Very nice. In fact, our entire defense played well -- the Raiders offense was completely stuffed for three quarters today and I'd like to think that it was our fine defense that was doing the work, not their surprising ineptitude. In fact my son pointed out that the Raiders offensive line is the highest-paid in the league.

- Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. The O-line played very well today, getting Hunt a 100-yard rushing day. They also gave Alex enough time to make some fine completions mostly to Hill and Kelce, a few to Wilson and others. The funnest thing they did was blow open a very nice hole for Charcandrick West to then zig-zag and power into the end zone for our second touchdown score making it 26-0.

- Dustin Colquitt. What can you say about him? How about this just for today's game. Late in the game he shook off a blocked punt when he got bulldozed by the Raiders rusher, and then he boomed his next one -- 55 yards with no return. There was still lots of time for Oakland to come back to score and get another on-sides kick recovery when Colquitt just demoralized them putting them back at their own 10.

- Luck. Yeah, just plain happy luck. The bounces and bobbles that you've got to have sometimes have just not been going the Chiefs way at all, for a long time. Today we seemed to have the edge in that. Really, let's face it, a lot of enjoying the team of which you're a fan is just enjoying those breaks that go your way and you can feel favored by the gods however that is. Oh that that would happen for us in the playoffs sometime.

I'm sure I didn't mention a number of other players who did amazing things today, but I tried to give credit to some of them in the mentions above. No disrespect -- indeed today's win was a strong team effort. It looked like the Chiefs were fired up to play well today, and it showed.

So yeah, for now, whew, very nice win for once, we're still in first place in the West, yay, and we get to enjoy a week of enjoying that for a while -- that's nice.

We play Los Angeles at home next Saturday, a game that will essentially be for the division title. So yeah so yeah so yeah -- right now we're all BRING IT ON!!!

Something fun to feel for once.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Chiefs at Jets - Week 13 - Record: 6-6

The nightmare continues. It's just like 1998. We had a decent team and looked the part halfway through the season, then we imploded. Or you know? I'm thinking too it is like 2011, when we just had so little discipline. That's one of the horrific features of this team, it is just not very disciplined. And I thought Andy Reid was all over that. Guess not.

I really like Marcus Peters, even his passion for the game that gets him in trouble. I wish more Chiefs players had that fire. But that episode at the end of the game when he left because he thought he was ejected but wasn't is inexcusable. Please, Marcus Peters, keep fighting the good fight, but please, Andy Reid! What is wrong with you that you can't control these guys, get more of them to play with that kind of passion, and for cryin' out loud move an entire team to play to their potential?

I didn't see any of the 1st half of this one, and I came in with a few minutes left in the 3rd. Right when I turned on the television Smith hit Hill with a long 70+ touchdown pass. Yay. Thing is, later when we needed a crucial 3rd down -- with only a yard to go, Smith through an incomplete pass to the offensive tackle.

That's what this team has become. It really hurts to see this team has become the top embarrassment of the NFL. Remember just a few weeks ago? 5-0 record? High atop everyone's power rankings list? We're all Super Bowl-bound and all that? ::Sigh::

In fact I was thinking, since I started this blog in 2005 I've never missed watching a Chiefs game except for a handful of times. I missed a game in 2008 because of a Thanksgiving week vacation with extended family. I missed one in 2012 for the same reason. But I've pretty much seen in some form every single game.

Right now I don't care to see any of them until we put Pat Mahomes in. Seriously. This has just become preposterous -- it is just painful to watch these guys. I haven't any idea what we did for two-and-a-half quarters of football today, and I don't even care.

I mean I think back to 2012 when I saw every game except that one I just mentioned. We were horrible, it was a horrible horrible season, but I watched them all just the same. Just to see if we could do anything well for once -- just to cheer to the few unexpectedly fine things our Chiefs did. I have to admit that win in New Orleans, one of only two we got on the year, was actually memorable, pleasantly so, it really was.

I think to 2011 when we started gruesomely, but then picked it up a bit. We finished 7-9, amazingly, with that team? At least there was that tough grinding game late in the year when we splendidly beat an undefeated Green Bay team, remember that?

There is just no reason to watch the Chiefs right now. I just don't care.

They are a train wreck. I will always root for my Chiefs and watch them when I can however I can, but this is a severely underperforming team in so many ways. I'd love to do the standard -- well, what was good about them. Why. Doesn't change the reality of where we stand.

And for those who'd scream in their abject denial in that we're still in first place -- well, after today tied for first after Oakland beats the New York Giants 87-3 and Los Angeles beats the Browns 102-0, all sporting pathetic 6-6 records I might add -- I could rattle off a dozen different things in this game that prove that this team is a slow-motion train wreck happening before our very eyes.

I mean really, I just don't know, I mean I really don't know what all those wins from when we were 1-5 in '15 to being 5-0 in '17 really mean. Were they just a fantasy? Were they just setting us up for the time when we'd be exposed as not much of a team at all?

There are dozens of things we could say about this or that, certainly. Much more will be said, and I fully appreciate those who will be honest and not try to sugarcoat it. But again, it comes down to two characters, and we know who they are.

Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

I confess there have been a lot of times we have mentioned -- me in this blog before for sure -- what to do about those guys when they've inexplicably messed things up badly. But really, this was the year they were supposed to be decent enough to win and win well. We all saw the talent this team had. I mean, Andy Reid - Coach Extraordinaire! And Alex Smith - Spectacular Quarterback Finally Coming Into His Own! After a 5-0 start we all thought yeah! Finally!

But what we all saw on the field today simply can't be lost on Clark Hunt.

What'll he do? Not only has Andy Reid not gotten Alex Smith to win, not only has Andy Reid not gotten Alex Smith to get the job done in the clutch when it is most needed -- like today, and last week, and yeah, the week before that -- but he has lost control of the team, has lost the confidence of a team that recognizes he just doesn't put his faith in them to get the job done. Of course I don't know what's going on down there on the field directly, but I see it in their eyes -- you can just see it.

These players loathe how things are progressing. You can't miss it! The exasperation, the aggravation, the resignation -- right now it is smothering the Chiefs Kingdom.

So bottom line, just like last week's assessment, it can't be all bad. For review:

1. Smith stays in and actually wins games -- not a bad thing in that we're winning games.

2. Mahomes goes in and wins games -- the best of them all because we can then see he's a fine quarterback -- drafted, developed, youthful and athletic with a bright future of winning games.

3. Mahomes goes in and stinks -- not a bad thing in that he'll get reps, get that feel, get the experience to win us a Super Bowl later -- that's cool if we see it start to unfold now.

4. Smith stays in and stinks -- not a bad thing in that there'll be more proof that Mahomes must be in.

Thing is, this last one took a huge hit because our defense played so awfully today, sooo what's Reid going to do? You know what he'll do, and it makes you want to pull your hair out if you have any left. He's going to go to that lectern after the game -- he's probably doing it right now as I write -- and say "It's not Alex Smith's fault, it's the fault of all of us and we need to step it up."


So yeah, it seems the only thing left to be said is when is Pat Mahomes going in, again, when is that?... When -- today? Okay is it today, huh huh huh? No, okay HOWABOUTTODAY???

Except that the other thing that must be being thought about more, and more and more and more -- and I simply can't believe this isn't on the minds of, oh, say, 99.4% of Chiefs fans at least the ones not in denial, is, when is Clark going to take care of business and summarily address Andy Reid's train wreck?

Could it be, could we possibly see what could be called the "nuclear option"?

Hello, may I speak to Matt Nagy, please?...

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Exasperating Reid, Episode LXVIII

I just had to do it, I just had to. I had to add this post. Right now Chiefs fans are going apoplectic over Andy Reid's decision to continue with Alex Smith in spite of the fact that it was proven Smith absolutely cannot deal with the kind of defense teams are throwing at them since they've finally got what Pittsburgh does to the Chiefs time after time after time.

Apparently this "Cover 2" defense is the culprit, but I'm hearing this is a basic set that any team should be able to address, adjust to, and beat. Andy Reid has been coaching for -- ahem -- how long? How many times has an average Pittsburgh defense smashed Reid's face into the ground and twisted his arm behind his back with whatever it is they do?

Reid has firmly announced he's going with Smith, even though everything points to Smith's refusal to cope no matter what Reid does. "Fool me once shame on you [the Giants game], fool me twice shame on me [the Bills game]." In fact it is really many more games than that in which Reid continues to believe Smith can do the job. We should be beating any NFL team regularly 28-14. Instead we've always eeked out wins, or gotten spanked by bad teams as we have recently, having to endure over and over the precise things Smith and Reid are incapable of doing.

Again, read this post from Arrowhead Pride if you haven't already. 

It simply isn't a matter of Andy Reid coming up with another game plan to address the horror of Chiefs football these days. It is a matter of going with Mahomes. Yes, I confess, before the Bills game I did insist we should go with Smith for the rest of the season, but then I saw the light.

We simply don't have anything to lose with Mahomes in there.

And besides, here's the main thing with Reid. If he's such a good coach, why can't he put in place things that Mahomes would do, that he can do that Alex Smith simply can't?

I guess right now I'm okay with whatever happens. Here are the four possibilities, and really, all four are fine as long as Mahomes turns out to be a fine quarterback for us sometime.

1. Smith stays in and stinks like we all think he will. What's good about it: More credibility for our view that Smith needs to be benched, more likely Mahomes will finally go in. The difficult part is the question about whether it will move the Hunt-Veach faction to put pressure on Reid, even going so far as to consider letting him go if he continues to refuse to go with Mahomes.

2. Smith stays in and does well enough to win us more games. What's good about it: We win more games, we get into the playoffs, though not getting past a Pittsburgh or New England yet again will be a major disappointment. But then, we're used to it, so what's different? Oh well. At the very best Smith figures it out, decides he wants to win football games, and will actually truly comprehensively do what Reid says he's going to do to change things up. Okay so we're going to go with another thing Reid's going to pull out of his hat to fix all this. Yeah, I'm thinkin' ::HAHAHAHAHA:: too, but again, it's what we've got, let's just see. What are we going to do?

3. Mahomes goes in and stinks up the place. What's good about it: He learns and learns and learns by walking, no, by running and plowing and slashing about in the fires of fierce adversity. Let's get him going on this thing though, dammit, right now. Let's actually win football games sometime doing what our players can consistently do best.

4. Mahomes goes in and does pretty well. What's good about it: See the first part of Item 2 just above -- even with Bennie Logan at quarterback winning games is a very very very good thing. What's better is that we'll see what we should get with Mahomes and joyfully anticipate those future days when he's torching opponent defenses even more viciously. And again, if we don't get far in the playoffs (if we even get there), what do we have to lose? We're already resigned to that with this brutally realistic assessment of Smith.

Yes, there is no question about 98% of us Chiefs fans desperately want either Item 3 or 4 to happen. As of now, we won't get it. Andy Reid may have Santa Claus' girth, but he doesn't have his generosity.

So we'll just watch what happens when the Chiefs play another New York team, the Jets, this Sunday. Third time's the charm right?

Right Andy Reid?

To be fair, I should close with a link to this piece from an SI guy, who also does a decent job of dissecting what's ailing the Chiefs right now. Interestingly though, while this writer elucidates the reasons why Smith should stay in, he ironically and perhaps somewhat inadvertently demonstrates how much Mahomes should be in there. All those things this guy says should keep Mahomes off the field for now are covered in the Arrowhead Pride analysis, every one.

Mahomes should be in right now.

But again, among all of the four things that can happen, there are some nice advantages to each. It may be perverse, I agree, but this Chiefs thing can actually be pretty good right now. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bills at Chiefs - Week 12 - Record: 6-5 - Part II

I simply could not leave today's nightmare without a link to this fantastic piece by a top Arrowhead Pride writer, someone who takes only about 16,000 times more time and attention to what's happening with the Chiefs than I do. (Yes, in the midst of all the agony over our Chiefs right now, I did peek around at what others were saying, again.)

This guy does a terrific job of laying out the case for putting Pat Mahomes in now. He elucidates all the things we're all seeing with Alex Smith, and laser focuses on the real problem. It isn't Andy Reid, it isn't the offensive line, it isn't a soft defense -- all of these are possible culprits in our minds to some degree, however justified any one of them is or isn't.

No, the problem is really, actually one thing.

Alex Smith.

Just looking at those highlights of Smith doing what we all see him doing -- flat-out not seeing receivers any other NFL quarterback would see and hit in stride for points points points. And he does it (or not does it as the case is) time after time after time. The footage in this piece are just samples. How many more of these kinds of episodes have you seen right there on your television but you just shrug, "Well, I'm not an NFL quarterback, so how would I know? I'm sure it's hard to be an NFL quarterback... ::sigh::..."

I can only think about these receivers doing their damnedest to get open and run their routes and desperately desire to make things happen and Smith just ditches everything one way or another because he simply cannot cope. And how gracious they have been to support their quarterback and teammate. Kudos to them for that.

But we all see it too, and we don't have to be as deferential.

The only person who counts though, is Andy Reid, and the question right now throughout all of Chiefs Kingdom is, will he be so deferential?

I simply cannot deny thinking about that time back in 2012 when Smith was benched in favor of Colin Kaepernick. At the time Smith was playing well for the 49ers when he got concussed and was out for a few games. He never saw the field again that entire season. And I think, what did Jim Harbaugh see that forced him to make what-was-then a quite dramatic move?

Anyway, you just have to read the piece. It is comforting to find a perverse appreciation for the times we've sacrificed our voices going hoarse screaming at the television "THROW - THABALL - DOWN - THAFIELD." It is quite reassuring to know that there are people who see it and know it and have some desire to commiserate with one another. It is good therapy.

It would be really good therapy to know that the Hunt-Veach-Reid brain trust sees it

And does the right thing.

Bills at Chiefs - Week 12 - Record: 6-5

This season is very much looking like 1998. That was the year we started out really well, then started to tank. We tanked so badly that I simply stopped watching anything sports cold turkey. I did resume watching Chiefs games in 2003. That was the year we actually had a nice offensive line.

This year.

Kinda like 1998.

Such disappointment.

I have actually been so disgusted with this team, really, mostly its offensive line and offensive quarterback (see last post), that I didn't even watch the first half of the game. I was spending more time in church this morning, but sure enough when church ended, instead of seeing us up 28-0 at the half we were down 10-3. The only reason it'd be worth it was to see us up 28-0. Then I'd know we were doing what we should be doing -- okay, we're back to playing well.


Our quarterback isn't good enough.

Our offensive line is miles from being good, and with all this we may be finding it is even worse than any of us thought.

Sure everyone will say we're still at 6-5 and holding on to 1st place. We don't deserve to be there, that's for sure. Sure we could look at this like a bump in the road, but you simply don't lose games like these. Last week the hapless injury-riddled Bills gave up 54 points to the Chargers. Today they held us to 10. Last week we lost to a hapless injury-riddled Giants team who lost to an 0-9 team the week before.

What happened to that 5-0 team that was scorching the NFL? We had even done that against the best teams in the league? Here's what happened.

We played Pittsburgh, that's what happened. That's the killer of the whole season, just that one game right there. This team knows precisely how to play our team. Every time we play the Steelers they have a game plan that makes it look like they have 14 guys on the field and we have 9, every time. Has Andy Reid been so dense as to not figure this out by now? (Yeah, I'm thinking of putting in a "The Exasperating Reid, Episode LXVIII" post later this week. I don't know if I'll be up to it the way I'm feeling now, but I can't say there'd be any observant Chiefs fan who wouldn't know exactly what it would be about...)

We then played Oakland on primetime television, and the NFL simply could not allow the Chiefs to dominate so the officials gave the Raiders a thriller win with several ridiculously horrific calls against us.

We then got a break against Denver when their quarterback made so many mistakes a team of my grandmothers could have beaten them. Still the Broncos ran up and down the field against our Eric-Berry-less defense, a definite portend of things to come.

We then played Dallas, just one of the teams to watch tape of what Pittsburgh did to us -- now everyone is doing it. Eight guys in the box to stuff our running game, and blitzing just enough to keep Alex Smith off his game -- this weak offensive line and terrible quarterback simply cannot cope with that kind of pressure defense. By the way I'd heard that since that game Dallas has lost all three games and hasn't even scored ten points in any of them. Another portend. We made Dallas look waaay better than it was.

We then played New York and couldn't score a touchdown. The Giants dropped pass after pass after pass, and they didn't score a single touchdown either, but that didn't matter -- all they had to do was employ the Pittsburgh philosophy against us and they had us.

We then played Buffalo, at home no less, a team they said had one of the worst defenses in the league. We get 10 points against them. Just do what Pittsburgh did, that's all.

So yeah, this depressing turn of events is not a whole lot different from 1998. But there was a good thing about that year. With the purpose of this year's blog effort to look at the best things, here goes. Yeah I could say I like this guy or that guy -- none of that much matters with our QB and O-line keeping anyone from being good. I could say we're still in first place -- ::whimper:: And I could say I will always hope no matter what that this will all change -- but I'm so sick of saying that I want to throw up.

But here's the good thing -- about 1998?...

2003 was on its way.

Remember that? Priest Holmes, Dante Hall, Trent Green, Will Shields Willie Roaf and that phenomenal offensive line.


And sure enough, 2022 is not that far away. That's the year we'll have Pat Mahomes in there slingin' it downfield for will-shattering drives ending in back-breaking touchdowns, and over the previous few years we'll have picked up some offensive linemen who'll get Kareem Hunt untracked, and we'll have picked up someone ferocious to occupy the middle of the defense, someone who shatters the will of opponent offenses and wins us playoff games.



Monday, November 20, 2017

The Aggravating Smith, Episode XXXIV

Alex Smith is the anti-Aaron Rodgers.

Yes, yes, I know for eons we've been severely admonished not to compare Alex with Aaron, because it is so easy since Alex was taken first in the 2005 draft and Aaron, what was it, 24th or something like that. Alex was bounced around from one 49ers offensive coordinator to another while Aaron got to settle in waiting for Brett Favre to finish up before he took over. Not fair.

But my comparison here is about this thing that I've been thinking about.

Have you noticed that when Aaron Rodgers plays, it seems like you've got him pinned down, but he just gets up and torches you with some heart-breaking, will-shattering play that only he can make. It's 3rd-&-16 after he's just dumped a pass and gotten sacked, yet the next play is a fiery dart 20 yards downfield to a double-teamed receiver at the sideline. He'll do it again and again until the game's over, you look up, and the scoreboard says "Green Bay 20, Your Team 19."

Then there's Alex Smith.

Have you noticed that when Alex Smith plays, he'll throw a super crisp wide-out pass in the flat for 7, then a soft toss to the tight end for 18,  then scramble and plow into some impenetrable linebacker and stretch for the first down. Awright awright awright! Amazing Alex Smith!

Then he implodes. Then he throws the ball away. Then he dances around and gets sacked. Then he misfires on a pass the receiver just can't track.

Then at game's end you look up at the scoreboard and it says "Other Team 12, Kansas City 9."

This is why Alex Smith is the anti-Aaron Rodgers, and every Chiefs fan knows it.

Please, we all know Alex Smith is a winning quarterback. We all know the Chiefs have been winning regular season games on a regular basis ever since Alex got here in 2013. That's cool -- again, we all have a love-hate relationship with Alex Smith.

But the fact is Aaron Rodgers has a slough of playoff wins under his belt and a Super Bowl ring. Alex Smith has one Chiefs playoff win in his four years here, that one over a decimated Texans team in 2015. I can't neglect to mention that I believe this does have a lot to do with that supernatural impediment that somehow someway dooms the Chiefs every year -- Alex Smith is just an unfortunate part of that.

Still, there is something about Aaron Rodgers that gets it done, and something about Alex Smith that doesn't. Please don't get me wrong -- I am going on record now with much more forcefulness to insist that I'm looking for Alex to pick it up, revert back to his first-five-games-of-this-season form in which he was blisteringly good, and we run the table and make the fine playoff run we should be making.

I am genuinely really hoping for that.

On the other hand, I can't deny precisely what I wrote about in my post-ugliness post yesterday...

That it'll be really nice to see Pat Mahomes in there in 2019 doing Pat Mahomes winning things.

See, I never look at any of the standard NFL punditry after games, except for a few times, and I must confess I caught myself looking yesterday -- yes, just to see if anyone was calling for Pat Mahomes.

Sure enough there was quite a bit of it, but sadly a lot of it was, "Try to work Pat Mahomes in more."

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG.

Don't do any of that. Keep things exactly the way they are, letting Mahomes just soak up things on the sideline, learn from Alex and Andy, no pressure -- do it the way they did it with Aaron Rodgers. He got Green Bay a Super Bowl title in his fifth year in the league. Hey, I'm great with a Super Bowl title in 2022. Aren't you?

But let's let Mahomes learn and learn and learn and get him developed. Does this mean he can't go in and run things if Smith gets injured? No. But for right now just go with Smith.

Sorry folks, I got news for you.

This Chiefs team isn't going to the Super Bowl this year.

Again, our offensive line is playing abysmally right now, and our defense is far too soft without Eric Berry. Yeah, huh, I know, you've just got to work with what you've got. What, you mean we have no chance this year? No, of course not, anything can happen, and I will always hope we win the Super Bowl every year. Always. I just said I'm hoping like crazy Alex Smith gets off his rear end and shows us what he's got.

I mean, after thinking about those couple of plays yesterday in which Smith really sacrificed his body to power for the first down, you do have to admire him. We all do! Again, he's smart, he's athletic, he has a good arm, he runs plays beautifully, and let's admit it, he is very competitive. On the other hand, it was clear from yesterday's game, he's inconsistent, he has terrible downfield vision, he struggles to improvise with the pass, he gets nervous too often, and he's simply not courageous enough to make that critical clutch pass when we need it most.

Here's to hoping that he does more of those good things he can do and we can win this year -- always always hoping.

As it is, I had this final thought. The two best teams right now are clearly the Eagles and the Patriots. Looks like it may likely be those two teams in the Super Bowl, I'd think. Wouldn't you think?

You of course know what that would mean, don't you -- an Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl?

It'll mean yet another instance when the two teams appearing in the Super Bowl will have BOTH been defeated by the Chiefs in the regular season. For the fifth straight season both the Super Bowl participants will have suffered a loss to the Chiefs either the season before or the season after.*

And how many times have the Chiefs appeared in any of those Super Bowls? How many conference championship games will the Chiefs have appeared in to even earn a rematch with the team they beat or will have beaten?

Yeah, uh-huh.

(*The 2013 Super Bowl version of the Broncos was defeated in 2015, but it was essentially the same Peyton Manning-led team. Close enough.)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Chiefs at Giants - Week 11 - Record: 6-4

I can't deny it. I know you can't deny it, but we all keep ourselves composed and don't say anything out of respect or whatever nice form of behavior we want to display.

But really, we all can't deny it.

Oh how wonderful it will be when the Chiefs are piloted by a true drafted and developed quarterback.

Oh how wonderful it will be when Pat Mahomes is in there.

This was a game we should have pummeled the opponent. Throughout the game they were showing stats about the Giants that had them 30th in the league in that, 31st in the league in that. Throughout the game the Giants were dropping passes left and right. They were playing a lot of new kids for those out with injuries. They looked like the Keystone Kops out there.

But they weren't as good at being the Keystone Kops as our offense was today.

We should've been up 35-6 at the half, but we were behind 6-3. Yeah. AREYOUKIDDINGME. It should've never even come close to there being a goofy 4th-&-6 pass completion allowing the Giants to kick the game-winner in overtime. YOUHAVEGOTTOBEKIDDINGME.

Until he did decently to get us into field goal range to tie it in regulation, Alex Smith was all over the place. Again again again he abjectly refuses to throw the ball down the field. On one play late in the 4th quarter when he did, he heaved the ball somewhere between Tyreek Hill and Demarcus Robinson, right into the hands of their guy. This play led to their go-ahead field goal making it 9-6. AREYOUSERIOUSLYKIDDINGME.

To be fair, it wasn't all his fault. Andy Reid helped by either being too cute or being too much the technician -- I wonder what is going on with him sometimes. Some games he manages the entire game not to lose. This game was just atrocious, how can you be this good and not take care of business? Even when we do win, have you noticed how it looks like it is so hard for us to use this marvelous talent to take care of business?

I also can't neglect to mention our continued weak offensive line play. The fact that we are penalized too much, a lot of it on this O-line, means our offense is just plain inept right now. Kareem Hunt showed some of his brilliance today, but far too often he could not get untracked like he could. Anyone can tell that watching Hunt slice and dice the field that he'd have 200 yards rushing a game if the line could actually open things up for him.

This was inexcusable. Last week this Giants team lost to the 0-9 49ers. They came into this game with a 1-8 record. Sure "any given Sunday." Sure they still have a dangerous Eli Manning.

But there was no excuse for this one. None whatsoever.

Yeah maybe this is a reverse 2015 when we were 1-5 then won 11 straight. This year we started 5-0, and since then we've gone 1-4. Since the rest of the AFC West is kind of sucking we may still eek out a division title when it's all said and done, but I really don't have any hope for this team right now. Yeah I can enjoy some nice things about our Chiefs in any game, but come playoffs time will we beat a loaded-with-got-it Steelers team or a loaded-for-a-standard-long-playoff run Patriots? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

We have so much talent yet we don't win football games.

This past three weeks reminds me of 2005, when we started 8-4, in the midst of thoroughly enjoying a wonderful season, in control of everything. Then we had two straight road games at Dallas and New York, just like this year, games we should have easily won and lost, just like this year. That year those losses really killed us -- we finished a fine 10-6 but missed the playoffs.

Since this whole year's blog philosophy is about the good things the Chiefs do this year, yeah, until we can seriously be considered Super Bowl material when Mahomes is on top of things, here are the players I like right now.

Reggie Ragland. He's the one guy who seems to have the most Ray-Lewis in him. Without Eric Berry we need guys like this to help in our relatively anemic run defense.

Steven Nelson. His coverage was excellent today. He made a couple of key plays late that kept us in it. He looked to be injured late, let's hope he's okay.

Tyreek Hill. I consider this guy the very best player we have. The plays he makes -- when they get him the ball, it is nothing but ::wow::

Dustin Colquitt
. Yeah, have to put a good word in one of the best Chiefs ever, really. I know, the punter. But he is so good at pinning the other team way back really helping our defense. He did that a number of times today yet again.

Well, at least there was that.

So yeah, I'm done with this. I'm done with this for now.

I can't wait for 2019 when Pat Mahomes is in there as a drafted, developed, at-least-a-little-experienced-with-a-take-care-of-business-no-matter-what-approach game leader, and we can look like we want to win when we should.

I have a feeling I'm not the only one...

Monday, November 13, 2017

Chiefs Bye - The NFL Desperately Needs a New Commissioner, Part II

I couldn't help but add another note about Roger Goodell's lack of leadership putting the big hurt on the NFL, and in turn having much more of a detrimental effect on the teams that must really work hard to overcome the competitive duplicity that is more profoundly distended in these circumstances.

The Chiefs are undeniably one of those teams. Check out my last post to get a much more comprehensive feel for what I'm seeing.

The reason for this update is I'd seen that Jerry Jones is valiantly trying to stir up a mutiny against Goodell, and it appears that his inability to get any traction among a number of key fellow owners means "the nuclear option" may be employed against Jones -- apparently they may try to get Jones himself removed from his ownership position.

You've gotta be kidding me.

I've never really liked Jones as an owner too much, he's always wanted to go his own way -- certainly knowing that his Cowboys are the most valuable major sports franchise on the planet. Why shouldn't he have more of say in an NFL that relies on his Cowboys for much of the freight?

But Jones is right on this point. Goodell is on his way to driving the NFL into the ground, and he absolutely has got to go. The only thing in his favor is the veritable idea that whoever would replace him probably wouldn't be any better because all of these power broker people are now so intractably kowtowed to the politically correct hegemony that it really wouldn't matter.

Tell the players to get in line with the Americanist conception of NFL football -- that means standing respectfully during the national anthem -- and you're a racist straight away. The New York Times narrative of incurable systemic racism among the white privileged population is now so entrenched that most owners can't get out of it, will do nothing about it, and are leaving Jones hanging in the wind as he tries to make his principled case.

What is so sad is that apparently Clark Hunt is one of those owners.

I have had great hope for Clark making this Chiefs franchise great with robust, insightful, courageous leadership, but when I see things like this, I feel great sadness. Clark's authority, direction, and guidance cannot necessarily be impugned on the merits of this one position, but still -- it is a major one.

Again, there are perfectly fine arguments to be made in the discourse, that's fine. But the truth is, millions of fans are taking off and the NFL is losing millions because of Goodell's virulent impotency. And again, the fans are hearing in no uncertain terms, "Hey, thanks for the huge wad of cash you racist asshole."

Who wants to hear that?

Some people know this, see it for what it is, and want to do something about it.

Most continue to keep their heads in holes in the ground.